Late Season Duck Hunt Tips & Tactics in Clay Center KS & The Central Flyway; Limiting Calls, Smaller Decoy Spread Patterns & Booking a Guided Hunt with Republican Valley Waterfowlers!

You know you are in the fourth quarter and the final countdown is looming, your energy is depleted, your equipment is looking a little worse for wear and you are exhausted; but you are so close to the hunt of the season you can almost taste it. And it’s at that very moment that you…

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Best Fried & Roasted Wild Duck Recipes & Marinades for Cooking Waterfowl After Hunts in Clay Center KS

Going for the duck or goose hunt is an exciting adventure, preparing with your loyal four-legged companion. Getting ammo packed up, cleaning and lubing the shotgun, gathering the decoys, dummies and calls. Making sure you have you warm clothes and all other necessities, and are ready to go. You take your time in the hunt,…

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