Late Season Duck Hunt Tips & Tactics in Clay Center KS & The Central Flyway; Limiting Calls, Smaller Decoy Spread Patterns & Booking a Guided Hunt with Republican Valley Waterfowlers!

You know you are in the fourth quarter and the final countdown is looming, your energy is depleted, your equipment is looking a little worse for wear and you are exhausted; but you are so close to the hunt of the season you can almost taste it. And it’s at that very moment that you know you can summon up one last ditch effort that may just turn the tables in your favor … and believe it or not you still have time left to even out the score.

2015-16 Duck Waterfowl Hunting Season

The 2015-2016 waterfowl season is beginning to draw to an end and late duck season (4th quarter) is resuming mid to the end of January but expect a fight because the ducks on wintering grounds have been feeling the pressure these last few months, and have become extra wary of duck calls and decoys. This means that the late-season waterfowlers must hunt using everything at their disposal.

The experienced guides at Republican Valley Waterfowlers are the best in Kansas and have provided the following list of late season duck hunting tips to help your 4th quarter become a success.

Duck Hunt with Blinds in Big Rivers: January often brings with it a deep freeze. In low or high water areas, launch a boat to cover water effectively. Waterfowl can be found among willows along the banks and behind sandbars and islands. Use a boat blind with only two or three dozen decoys. Another great option is using blinds on sandbars to flush ducks. Black duck decoys work best on sandbars because they are highly visible.
Less Equals More When Using Calls For Late-Season Ducks: When it comes to calling late season ducks, the knowledgeable staff at Republican Valley Waterfowlers recommend finding the location that the ducks are moving to and after setting up, call only when you need to get their attention. If they are flying towards you there is no need to call as they are doing what you want them to do. If they continue to fly past, give a little call back and then stay quite. During the late season, ducks will circle looking for where the calls are coming from. Wait until they are either moving away from you or until they are looking into the sun before calling again.
Switch to a Smaller Realistic Duck Decoy Spread Pattern: There are basically three dynamics to look for during late season. The ducks are in full plumage, they are paired up for mating and they have become easily spooked since they have been shot at earlier in the season. When the birds get spooked, swap out your decoys for new ones (two mallards, two pintails and a spoonbill drake) that appear natural looking and bright. If you are hunting a pothole, place your decoys to the left and right leaving the front and center of the pothole open for the ducks to land. During the latter half of the season the ducks prefer to land by themselves rather than be crowded.

For more information about late season waterfowl hunting and to schedule your last duck hunting trip for the season, contact the professional guides and outfitters at Republican Valley Waterfowlers today!

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