Best Duck & Goose Hunting Shotguns; Double Barrel Over Under, Break Action Single Shot, Pump Action or Semi-Auto for Waterfowl Hunts in Clay Center KS?

Hunting waterfowl is a great way to enjoy the outdoors, sharpen your shooting skills and become more of an American! Hitting your limit out on the hunt is exciting and leaves a satisfied and accomplished feeling with any hunter. Each hunter has his or her own tactics that are used for a successful hunt. One of the most important aspects of a hunt is your firearm. Just like every hunter has their preferred spot to hunt, favorite call to use and pattern of camo to wear, every hunter also has their favorite type of shotgun to use on the hunt.

Feeling Comfortable with your Firearm

No one specific type of shotgun is better than another when it comes to hunting waterfowl. Every hunter is different and may prefer an aspect that some shotguns do or do not provide. One of the most important aspects of a gun is the comfort level in which it provides for each specific shooter. The shooter should feel comfort with the gun, comfort with the recoil and comfort in the overall shooting situation. Especially with a beginner hunter, it is essential that they feel comfort with their firearm before they venture out on a hunt.

Over Under Shotguns

Many waterfowl hunters prefer an over under shotgun compared to the traditional pump action shotgun when hunting. An over under shotgun is known for its reliability and beauty as well. Over under shotguns tend to be far less ammunition sensitive than other types of shotguns, if you can put the shell into the gun, then it will shoot. An over under shotgun requires less cleaning than other shotguns. Mainly the barrel needs to be cleaned thoroughly after a hunt, but other than that, you are usually go to go. An over under shotgun does not rely on gas or recoil function, and with two different barrels you have the option to throw two different patterns by putting in a different style choke that will produce a tighter or wider shot pattern.

Pump Action Shotgun

The pump action shotgun is probably the most popular shotgun that is used for hunting waterfowl. The pump action is extremely reliable and a cheaper option compared to the other types of shotguns. Pump action shotguns are great for hunting pheasant, ducks, geese and trap. No matter what type of shotgun you prefer on the hunt, be sure that you are comfortable with it first.

Semi Automatic Shotgun

Semi Auto Shotguns are more expensive, give less recoil and are more convenient as you don’t have to jack another shell for a follow up shot like you would with a pump action. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference and where you will be shooting. A pump action can be disassembled and cleaned out in a matter of seconds if you were to drop it in the sand, mud or water for example.

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