Myths VS Facts; Helpful Tips Concerning Duck Hunting for Inexperienced Waterfowl Hunters in Clay Center Kansas!

The experienced duck hunter knows many “secrets” of the trade. You know the ins and outs of the best spots to be, the perfect calls to attract various breeds of ducks, appropriate decoys to use, and the best weapon of choice. So when a friend or family member tags along with little to no experience and spouts out duck hunting tips like they are gospel truth, it is almost comical.

Republican Valley Waterfowlers would like to put to rest some popular myths floating around, so you, the less experienced duck hunter can get the facts straight!

Myth #1: Aggressively calling is a hindrance and not a benefit.
Fact: Excessive duck calling can grab the attention of a group that will choose to deviate from the original course to investigate the call. Where the aggressive calling could go awry is when they have come to inspect the call and then it becomes cause for alert rather than curiosity.
Myth #2: Sunny days put a damper on hunting, as opposed to cloudy days providing an optimal hunting trip.
Fact: We are guessing this rumor got started when speaking of diver or sea ducks on the big water and somehow it fell on all types of ducks. In regards to mallards, pintails, gadwalls, teal and other puddlers; a sunny, windy day is highly helpful for the big score. Where there a few theories as to what it is, statistically speaking, the ducks seem to be more attracted to decoys on brighter days.
Myth #3: It’s shooting time at dawn or not at all.
Fact: This is a tough one to debunk. Mostly cause every duck hunter knows that it is best to be waiting prepared for the flocks return and shooting time is fairly easy. But duck flocks don’t have a set schedule for every group; they actually move more in waves. So yes, there is a good chance to take home a few prizes at dawn, but for those who like a little extra sleep, the group coming in at noon might better suit your style. Our advice is to take a day or two of scouting the ducks wave patterns and see when the other flights come in. It might be more relaxing and enjoyable to be out there when there are fewer hunters about.
Myth #4: Decoys have to be realistic or they are useless.
Fact: Untrue to say the least. Where the detailed decoy is pretty and fun to use, there are a still a grand percentage of ducks that are easily intrigued with extremely patched over decoys … or the empty milk jug in a vague shape of a duck. Decoys are a great tool, but they do not have to be over the top to get some ducks in line.
Myth #5: Ducks tastes like chicken.
Fact: Where all birds taste similar, every bird, including duck has their own taste. A ducks diet can impact their flavor, believe it or not. The vegetarian ducks differ from the fish eating ones!

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We, at Republican Valley Waterfowlers hopes this dispels a few of the popular myths floating around, and will help you in your duck hunting endeavors. Call us today to schedule your next duck hunting trip.

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