Snow Geese Scouting & Hunting Tour Tips in the Central Flyaway of Clay Center KS

Waterfowl hunting season has finally arrived and avid hunters are excited to get out and hit their limit this year. While experienced hunters know the best and most successful areas to hunt, if you are a first timer, there are a handful of tips you should consider before applying your face paint and throwing on your camouflage pants. One of the more popular waterfowl to hunt in Kansas is the snow goose, as it is a beautiful bird and large in size as well. Snow geese are extremely fast learners and quickly become wary when it is hunting season.

Scouting & Hunting Snow Geese – Decoy Spreads

Snow geese travel in very large flocks and live longer than most other waterfowl. Because they travel in such large numbers, there are a great deal of snow goose eyes on the lookout for potential danger and also for safe areas to land and feed on. Because snow geese are always on the move, they can also become very difficult to locate. Hunting snow geese requires a great deal of hard work and proven strategies. Once you have learned the tricks of the trade you will find hunting snow geese extremely rewarding. One of the first and most important steps to take is locating where the snow geese are feeding. Scouting fields for where snow geese feed will allow you to know where the best place to set your decoys will be.

Scouting Daily for Snow Geese

Snow geese will normally return to a specific field to feed until the food has been completely exhausted. Snow geese also have great memories and rarely return to a spot where they have been shot at. If your buddy recommends a field that he was successful at the previous weekend, you may not have as much luck as he did, as the snow geese will probably remember that as an area where they were fired upon.

Guided Snow Geese Hunting Tours & Outfitters in the Central Flyaway & Clay Center Kansas

One of the most important aspects of successful hunting is hiding all signs of human activity, including tire tracks, food wrappers and any other non natural items. These usually contain colors that pop and will warn off a potential landing from a flock of snow geese. Decoys are another essential part of successful snow geese hunting. Set out a minimum of five hundred decoy, while this may sound like a lot, experienced hunters actually set out anywhere from one thousand to fifteen hundred decoys. If snow is covering the ground, you may want to trade your camouflage gear in for white cover. If you are ready to dive into the water fowl hunting season, contact Republican Valley Water Fowlers today.

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