Tips for Selecting the Best Shotgun for Duck & Goose Waterfowl Hunting in Clay Center KS

Duck hunting is a challenging and strategic sport to get involved in. There are so many elements to consider when engaging in hunting waterfowl. Selecting the appropriate decoys, investigating the best duck calls and scouting out the best place to lay the ambush as well as also having the right gun for the job, with the proper ammunition is also essential.

Republican Valley Waterfowlers would like to offer some tips on the different choices of firearms available to help find the weapon best suited for your duck hunting trips.

Double Barrel Shotgun for Duck Hunting. Double barrels are traditionally used and are very popular among the duck hunter enthusiasts. Having the options of side by side or over-under gives more versatility and choke options. They are easily taken apart for cleaning, simple to store, uncomplicated to secure, and have effortless transportation. With fewer moving parts, their shooting capability is extremely reliable. Were they are able to be “broken” or unable to be fired; they are safely carried, even when loaded. An excellent choice among experienced and novice hunters alike.
Pump Action Shotgun for Duck Hunting. Safely carried as the breech can be held open and empty. Has only one choke and is more complex to clean. But can be a less expensive option.
Single Barrel Shotgun for Duck Hunting. Similar advantages and principles of a double barrel, but with just a single barrel. Another inexpensive choice, and a good training weapon for the beginner to rely on a single shot for accuracy.

Professional Guided Duck, Goose & Waterfowl Hunting Trips in Clay Center, Kansas

When finding the right firearm for you, ensure that it suits being a left hand shooter; or a right. More guns are becoming universal but make sure it fits you. Weight is also an issue for female hunters or younger beginners. Keep in mind that too light of a gun could cause heavy recoil, where a too heavy gun could hinder your aim. We hope this helps you determine a starting point for getting your gun ready for duck hunting adventures. Contact Republican Valley Waterfowlers today to plan your upcoming trip. And remember – if you don’t want the hassle of lugging your firearms to Clay Center, KS, we also offer shotgun rental for your convenience!

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