Prime Central Flyway Duck Migration Hunting; Major Weather Trends in Clay Center KS

Weather patterns are beginning to line up to perfection for Republican Valley Waterfowlers and their 1200 Acres of pre-scouted hunting land and premium riverfront property in Clay Center, Kansas. The northern part of the flyway recently experienced a series of cold fronts which has finally ended a long streak of uncharacteristically warm weather. The cooler weather patterns are sure to bring with them the promise of better hunting. Daytime temperatures are in the thirty’s with overnight lows in the teens providing premium hunting opportunities.

Habitat Conditions

Most of the grain crops have been harvested in the northern and central areas of the flyway, making for a great field shooting experience later in the season. Weather patterns predict that ice will limit hunting opportunities in some areas but wind birds and keen hunters are sure to keep some of the larger areas open.

Available Waterfowl Species and Bird Numbers

Research indicates that some areas such as Sand Lake Refuge in northeastern South Dakota have seen a significant increase in all waterfowl numbers. In fact biologists have recently reported more than 10,000 mallards, snow geese and species of ducks plus approximately 500 tundra swans and excellent numbers of Canada and white-fronted geese. Reports also indicate that ducks and geese are beginning to arrive in Kansas including white fronted geese and ducks hunts in dry fields. Lesser Canada geese and snow geese are also beginning to arrive. Some early migrating birds have also been sighted in Oklahoma and the surrounding areas.

Upcoming Hunting Patterns and Hotspots

We recently saw another cold front for the Thanksgiving week, with temperatures in the teens. Small wetland areas are beginning to freeze resulting in birds being concentrated into tighter patterns. By losing some of the smaller water bodies, the resulting concentration of birds will help create some amazing hunting opportunities. Shooting mallards in the southern portions of Canada indicates that the waterfowl are set to spread out throughout the entire length of the flyway. Changes in weather patterns this week should get the birds moving out of Canada and into North Dakota, South Dakota and still further south. Shortly, we expect to see a peak in migration in Kansas and birds moving into Oklahoma.

Professional Guided Duck & Geese Hunting Tours & Outfitters in Clay Center Kansas & The Central Flyway

Keep looking northward, any snow or big storm is sure to bring opportunities for hunting across the whole prime central flyway area any day now. Call Republican Valley Waterfowlers to secure your spot today!

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